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In order to use the Members Portal, you must send your email address to the Beacon Historical Society.

Once we have your email, you'll receive an "invitation" from the BHS to join the portal. This is where you set up your login information: username/password etc.


Send an email request if you need help and our technical team will get back with you.



Benefits of the Members Portal

  • View Monthly Newsletters, current and past
  • Members Meeting Slideshow review
  • View historical documents, books, etc.
  • Join volunteer committees
  • Share thoughts and ideas with other community members




New and exciting plans are in the works for the Beacon Historical Society.  In order to find a new home, set up a museum, improve our website, and set up fun community events, we need more members and volunteers to help.


Mark Lucas will be heading up the Membership Committee for 2016. The first order of business is setting up booths at various events and locations through the city of Beacon to educate the public on what the Beacon Historical Society does for the community and encourage membership. We need members to volunteer to help run these booths.  If you are interested in joining our committee and helping, please send an email to the Beacon Historical Society or stop in and see us!




The board has to havea forum and dsicussion to change membership

Rolling Membership


Labels have to be maintained

bulk mailing minimum 200 for bulk

Diane Murphy will continue envelope stuffing


Bob: Newsletter (35 years) can't continue monthly


email blast




Business Members



January to December - in our constitution


375 ahead of newsburgh and othr counties


Every member must go into system. System is web based.

Current information must be updated

From there generate labels and emails

If someone signs up, find out if they want the newsletter via email or mailing

Charge extra for mailing - to consider


Tier it $75 - $99

Giving them a range

never pick the high range

if give them more benefits for their tier


Fixed number for this - this is what you get

$100 you can get this


Email - can we put a place would you prefer to receive the newsletter or mail


New York HIstorical Society

Local Historical Societies


Next year, 2017 - move,

Meeting on the Bylaws


Bylaws specifiy what the annual dues are

Here are the possible levels

board will determine which levels

multi-tiered - determined by the board


What we can do

Paper form to sign -




Another Contribution


Gift String

$25  $50  $75  $100  Sustaining


Recurring Pledge / Donation


New Home - Next year - housewarming gift


3 x 3 label blue

We support the Beacon Historical Society

Mark take care of the decal



History in the Making



Make sure we have their business card and/or email


Beacon Historical Society

Chamber of Commerce Meetings


Regular Members

Bob send usual newsletters

One sentence reminder - renew online


Full page handout include



















































Official Home of the Beacon Historical Society


P. O. Box 89

17 South Ave.

Beacon, NY 12508



Thurs.10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sat.      1:00 pm -   3:00 pm

(845) 831-0514

Website/IT Support: NYGroup.com