BHS Members with Paul Newman and Bruce Willis during the filming of Nobody's Fool.

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Pete Seeger - American Folk Singer and Activist

Evelyn Nesbit-- a popular American chorus girl and artists' model, actress

Yanarella School of Dance - 1952 - present, Beacon

Robert Montgomery –  American film and television actor, director and producer. Born in Fishkill Landing.

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Carrie's Music Shop 1910

Music, Theater, Film & Video
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Memorial Day 1936
Beacon Theatre News Beacon, N.Y. MEMORIAL DAY PARADE May 30, 1936 Harold C. Martin, Cameraman Produced through cooperation of BEACON KIWANIS CLUB About this Video This silent film of the Memorial Day Parade was shown at the Beacon Theatre in 1936 - no doubt to the sound of patriotic music from a piano. It was taken by Harold Martin and had been stored away ever since. Thanks to modern technology, we can now enjoy looking back at that parade, and experience the enthusiasm and spirit of the people of Beacon! The Beacon Kiwanis Club cooperated in this production. The DVD currently at the BHS, offers three versions of the parade: (1) Fast action, 5:22 minutes, (explained below) (2) Normal viewing, 10:00 minutes, and (3) Slow motion, 17:30 minutes. To make this video, the film was projected at 24 frames per second (fps) and recorded at 24 fps by a digital Panasonic AG-DVX100A Mini-DV camcorder and later edited with computer software to achieve the three different views. The original 35mm film was taken at 18 fps and shown on the theater projector, also at 18 fps, giving a true picture of the event. Today's projectors operate at 24 fps, causing the action to "speed-up" by 1-1/2 times normal, illustrated b option one. Options two and three give us more time to study Beacon as it was 70 years ago.
Films of Beacon 1942-1946 By: Maxwell Bernstein, PT 1
Films of Beacon 1942-1946 By: Maxwell Bernstein, PT 2
Films of Beacon 1942-1946 By: Maxwell Bernstein, PT 3
 Beacon, N.Y. Films of Beacon Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt3 1942 - 2946 Maxwell Berstein, Filmmaker About this Video Maxwell Bernstein, a Beacon Main Street merchant and a amateur filmmaker, documented the departure of Beacon draftees going off to service during World War II. From 1942 through 1945, Bernstein with his 16 mm movie camera filmed these young men mainly at several Beacon locations: at the Elk's Club, where draftees enjoyed a farewell picnic supper, at the Beacon train station where the young men boarded trains to boot camp, and by his store on upper Main Street when these men returned home on furlough. Bernstein, himself a veteran of World War I, took on this project as an act of patriotism and a demonstration of local community pride. Today, his films are in the collections of the New York state Library in Albany.
Films of Beacon 1942-1946 By: Maxwell Bernstein, PT 3


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